Tacloban beefs up security

Tacloban beefs up security

Tacloban beefs up security

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TACLOBAN CITY – To secure this City from nefarious threats and bolster its anti-drug campaign in support of the national program on illegal drugs, the City Government recently engaged the services of a canine training company specializing on Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) and Narcotic Detection Dog (NDD).

Last week, 8 K9 dogs were presented to the City Government through Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez by Elmer Cepeda Managing Director and Head Trainer of the Search and Secure Canine Training and Services International Inc. (SAS K9).  Four of the K9 dogs are Drug- sniffing dogs, while the other 4 are Bomb- sniffing dogs.

The company has a track record of securing national events including the State of the Nation Address (SONA).

To coincide with this development, a meeting with representatives of the Police, Coast Guard, the Civil Aviation Authority, Fisheries Law Enforcement Team, Fish Port and City Security Services Office was held to coordinate the deployment of k9 teams in strategic locations to help secure the city and aid in the anti-drug campaign

Mayor Romualdez disclosed that the Bomb-sniffing dogs will be deployed to do regular “sweeping” and scanning operations  of public places like Terminal, Airport, City Hall, Public Market and other crowded areas; while the narcotic detection dogs will accompany authorities in anti-drug operations.

The Mayor emphasised that security is a major concern of the City Government, since Tacloban is the central business, recreational and educational hub of the Region 8; and many come here to do their daily transactions.

Based on a current estimate by the local government unit, the daytime population of Tacloban swells to a million; as people from nearby municipalities  converge to the lone Highly Urbanized City.

According to Cepeda, the dogs that will be deployed are “mavericks” and have detected actual bombs and narcotics during scanning operations.

Meantime, the Chief Executive constantly reminds Taclobanons to be vigilant and report to the Community Climate Guide and Response (CCGR) Emergency, the Text Alert System of the City Government any emergency  and incident that will endanger the City’s security. – HENRY JAMES G. ROCA/CIO, :Photo by Tim Canes/CMO

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