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Mayor Cristina Gonzalez Romualdez

To all my beloved fellow-Taclobanons:

As your new City Mayor, I am indeed very grateful for your support and trust –that together we can work to make Tacloban – a safe, peaceful and progressive place to live in.

We have just experienced a horrible disaster –  causing the lost of lives of many loved ones and rendered most of us homeless and deprived of the basic needs for a decent human life.

But we have survived – and we have prevailed!

Together – we shall repair our wounds – count our blessings – and move into the future


 Diri la bangon – Better!



  • Tacloban City Mayor – Present
  • Tacloban City Councilor – 2007-2016
  • Founded “Cristina’s Learn & Earn Program” – soft and hard skills training of 8000 Taclobanons since 2008
  • Established a “Sherlter for Battered Women” – a 2 story building where women (abused and maltreated b their husband/partners) and their children can have a free board and lodging, free legal and medical assistance, etc. and during their stay at the Center are taught skills they can use to earn living after they shall have left the shelter.
  • President, Regional Federation of Women in Legislation (WIN) 2007-2014.
  • Ambassador for the Visayas “Habitat for Humanity, Philippines” 2015 – to the present.


Priority Programs

  1. Livelihood Programs – for the unemployed and underemployed residents of Tacloban.
  2. Comprehensive Nutrition Program – for infants, children and nursing mothers.
  3. Improvement of facilities/services of the Tacloban City Hospital and Health Centers.
  4. Completion of permanent shelters in Tacloban North and adequate constant supply of water and power to its residents.
  5. Increased sustainable Development of Tourism attractions in the City – through Public and Private Partnership
  6. Infrastructure projects that are disaster-resilient.
  7. Involvement of all sectors of the City in Disaster Preparedness – with special emphasis on relevant information to all Barangay residents.
  8. Increased involvement of youth in traditional and non-traditional sports activities.
  9. More Cultural Activities especially among the youth and in the barangays.
  10. Maintenance and increased focus on Peace & Order in the city –  with special sustained efforts of contain – minimize – and eradicate the use and sale of prohibited drugs in the City.
  11. Protection & Preservation, Enhancement and proper Development of our Natural Environment.
  12. Increased Sponsorship – both by the public and private sector of Scholarship for deserving financially-distressed students in Tacloban.
  13. Empowerment of Women – by training them for leadership. livelihood skills, better home management and involvement in the community development activities.


Mayor’s Office Contact Details:

Landline: (053) 888 – 0291
Mobile No.: +63927-402-6348





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