City Nutrition Office

Office Vision:

Proper Nutrition is a Right not a Privilege. Every individual has the right to proper nutrition therefore, nutrition quality services should be provided continuously to assure the enjoyment of this right especially the unemployed, the fisher folks, the subsistence farmers, and those below 72 months or 6 years old particularly the infants who are the target of the program.


The City Nutrition should strive to make the enjoyment of the right of the family and community to proper nutrition a reality and to make the attainment of good nutrition and optimum health be a way of life of every Taclobanon.

This can be achieved by:

  • Making nutrition quality services available;
  • Arousing awareness of the Seven Impact Programs and its supportive Five Enabling Mechanisms and the Ten Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos;
  • Promoting means to better nutrition performance;
  • Mobilizing community resources
  • Providing the right kind of knowledge and skills to the family; and
  • Encouraging the right and adequate food production in the locality.

Organizational Chart:

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