City Information Office

Office Vision:

To fully develop Tacloban City as the Commercial, Financial, Educational, Cultural Center of Eastern Visayas;

To have a safe, peaceful, healthy and prosperous metropolis;

For Taclobanons to be responsive, awakened and dynamic citizens in order to improve their quality of life.

Our goal is to maximize needed services to our people- Service that is efficient – effective – ethical.

City Government officials and employees are mandated to give to Taclobanons what they cannot do for themselves: maintenance of peace and order, delivery of health and social services, eradication of ignorance through education, employment assistance, accessibility to places of work and recreation by providing necessary infrastructure.

These services can be accessed by Phone, Mail, the Internet or in Person.

The Citizen’s Charter is our SERVICE Charter. It articulates our commitment of service to our people.

The City Government of Tacloban has an Executive Department and a Legislative Council.

  • The Executive Department headed by the Chief Executive implements ordinances approved by the Legislative Council as well as National Laws.
  • It is also equipped with resources, human, physical and material to deliver required SERVICES to our people.


TACLOBAN CITY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and EMPLOYEES are mandated to give Public Service that is:

  1. EFFICIENT – we have excellent knowledge of our assigned tasks
  2. EFFECTIVE – we give service that produces desired results
  3. ETHICAL – we perform our jobs in conformity with the laws of God & man (Our service is morally right and legally correct!)
  4. ECONOMICAL – we maximize results at minimum cost
  5. EXPEDETIOUS – “ Diri namon ginpapabalik balik it na da-op ha amon nga na pabulig”

“Service delayed is service denied!”


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