City Assessor’s Office


Office Vision:

An office equipped with modern technology, managed by well discipline, courteous and respectful customer friendly personnel rendering prompt, efficient, effective and transparent real property assessment, generating revenue to support development projects and basic services to Taclobanons to improve their quality of life.


The programs of this Office shall accomplish the following:

  1. Establish and implement a systematic method of real property Assessment;
  2. Maintain and update archival records of tax/base maps, copies of deeds of conveyances and other pertinent documents in support of tax declaration issuances;
  3. List, appraise and evaluate real properties intelligently, fairly and uniformly to maintain the full confidence of real property owners and raise income of the city through realty taxes;
  4. Implement conscientiously the guidelines issued by the Department of Finance in the assessment and valuation of real properties pursuant to the provisions of RA 7160.

Citizen’s Charter:

Download (PDF, 493KB)

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