City Government strictly enforces Anti-Smoking Ordinance

City Government strictly enforces Anti-Smoking Ordinance

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TACLOBAN CITY – A surprise inspection of stalls and establishments along the vicinity of schools was conducted yesterday, August 28 to enforce the anti-smoking campaign of the City Government.  At least 15 makeshift stalls and establishments located near the Leyte Normal University, Eastern Visayas State University, Leyte National High School, Holy Infant College and the Asian Development Foundation College were reprimanded for selling tobacco products.  

The inspected stalls which violated City Ordinance No. 2009-10-160 or the Anti-Smoking Ordinance were issued citation tickets by the TOMECO and the City Licensing Office.

Dr. Gloria Fabrigas, the City Government’s Special Projects for Health Coordinator said the inspection was mandated by Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez who was informed of the rampant selling of tobacco products to minors by commercial establishments located near schools.

According to Fabrigas, the City Government has taken on this advocacy of strictly imposing the anti-smoking ordinance to inform the public of the many health hazards of smoking.

Dr. Fabrigas likewise said the campaign will be sustained and the team will again be making the rounds of the areas near schools. 

The composite inspection team was composed of personnel from the TOMECO, the City Business Permit and Licensing Division, City Health Office and Office of the City Treasurer.

The City’s Anti-Smoking Ordinance prohibits the selling of Tobacco Products within one hundred meters from any school or any facility frequented by minors.

Violators of the City Ordinance will be penalized 1,000 pesos for the first offense, 3,000 pesos for the second office and 5,000 pesos and revocation of business permits for the third offense.

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