Business Sector attends ‘Security Meeting’ called by City Gov’t, Police Office

Business Sector attends ‘Security Meeting’ called by City Gov’t, Police Office

Business Sector attends ‘Security Meeting’ called by City Gov’t, Police Office

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TACLOBAN CITY – “Better to be safe than sorry…dapat alerto tayong lahat (we should all be vigilant),” so said Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez in an afternoon security meeting held at the City Mayor’s Office, this City.  On Tuesday, June 6, Mayor Romualdez invited the business sector to a security meeting with the Tacloban City Police Office (TCPO) led by City Director Rolando Bade, the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO).

The meeting was held to update the business sector of the security measures currently in place around the City following the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao after members of the Maute Rebel group clashed with Government troops.

Citing  vigilance  as an effective deterrent against crime and human-induced disasters, the Chief Executive called on those that attended to coordinate with the authorities should they see something suspicious in the vicinity of their establishments.

She then appealed to hotel owners to firm up security measures, after observing that some “rarely” impose frisking and security checks on guests, especially now that activities for the month-long Sangyaw Festival have started.

According to City Director Bade the meeting, which included a short lecture on the Incident Command System and standard preventive measures is part of the incidence management initiative of the TCPO.

He reported that with the help of the City Government they have set up check points and organized intelligence monitoring and foot patrols around the City.

Checkpoints have been set up at the DZR Airport, Marasbaras, the National  Road near Imelda Village and in front of the Diit Substation of the Philippine National Police; while city shorelines are also on a close watch as it might provide an entry point for the rebel group, he disclosed

The local police also emphasized that the timely dissemination of information is important in any contingency.

It can be remembered that on May 27, the City Government beefed up its security measures after Mayor Romualdez issued an Official Statement  that advised residents and business establishments to be observant and “further their security measures to prevent unscrupulous persons from perpetrating their nefarious (criminal) acts.”

The official statement likewise advised residents to report to the following  TCPO’s hotlines  Globe-0917-631-7752, Smart – 0998-991-3699 and Landline – 053-888-0628 any suspicious-looking persons.

The Community Climate Guide and Response (CCGR) is a city-wide emergency response system of the City Government available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It provides relevant information on the weather and gives timely alerts during emergencies.

Meanwhile, the CDRRMO  informed those who attended of the standard Communications Protocol during an emergency. It likewise said that the Community Climate Guide and Response (CCGR) – the text blasting system of the City Government is always ready to receive reports from the community, as well as issue timely alerts.- HENRY JAMES G. ROCA/CIO, Photo by Tim Canes/CMO


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