Business Permit Renewal extended in Tacloban

Business Permit Renewal extended in Tacloban

Business Permit Renewal extended in Tacloban

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TACLOBAN CITY (CIO) — In order to facilitate local business operators who are yet to renew their business permit and licenses, the City Council adopted an ordinance extending the deadline to renew business permit and licenses from January 20 to February 28, 2019, upon the recommendation of Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez.

Business Taxpayers have until the end of February to do so to avoid penalties, said City Treasurer Zosima Cordaṅo on Tuesday. According to Cordano, Ordinance No. ‎2019-01-001 provided for the deadline extension, including the renewal of permits and payments of taxes.

Meanwhile, the City Treasurer’s Office also reminded Real Property owners that they have until January 31 to avail of the maximum 20 percent discount on Real Property Taxes.

As of January 22, the City Treasurer reported a collection of more than 165 Million in taxes in the ongoing business renewal.

Meantime, the Business Permits and Licensing Division has processed 3,896 during the same period; while 1,676 business establishments were already issued Mayor’s Permits.

The CTO targets to collect 1.4 Billion pesos in taxes this year. Last year the Treasurer’s Office posted a 92 percent collection rate. – H.J. Roca with a report from K. E. Napala/CIO

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