Anti-Dengue Posters Posts Awareness & Reminders to Taclobanons

Anti-Dengue Posters Posts Awareness & Reminders to Taclobanons

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By: Gay B. Gaspay

Tacloban City- As one component of the Search & Destroy Anti-Dengue campaign of City Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez, several posters can now be seen strategically in places all throughout the city, to provide awareness and reminders to Taclobanons of how dengue fever realistically affects lives especially the most vulnerable constituents of the city, the children.

Dubbed “ May 4-S KONTRA DENGUE”, were posted around the City of Tacloban to include the northern barangays of the city. The posters tells of the four ways how to eradicate dengue fever.

Sponsored by Robinson’s place and the City Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the two concerned company joined the Search & Destroy Anti- Dengue Campaign which Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez spearheaded and supported by its First Lady Councilor Cristina G. Romualdez in producing several posters & tarpaulins for posting.

The “May 4-S Kontra dengue” as depicted in the Robinsons’ Place sponsored posters consist of: the first S, SEARCH & DESTROY – by removing containers FREE of stagnant waters which serves as the breeding place of dengue breeding mosquitoes, containers such as old tires, tin cans, bottles, tanzans, constant cleaning & replacing of waters from flower vases and a reminder that dengue carrying mosquito don’t lay eggs in dirty waters but clean ones.

Second S is SELF PROTECTION MEASURES- through wearing long pants & polo, the use of mosquito nets, screening the doors &windows of the house and the use of mosquito repellant.

Third S is SEEK EARLY CONSULTATION – if fever and rashes is observed to go see the doctor for consultation and the last S – SAY NO TO INDISCRIMINATE FOGGING , for according to medical experts fogging doesn’t kill the mosquito but only drive them away to another place to breed again.

Hundred fifty (150) of the “MAY 4-S KONTRA DENGUE” posters were posted in several barangays of the city. On the other hand , the City Chinese Chamber of Commerce group likewise produced 20 posters on cleanliness advocacy “LIBONG MO, LIBONG KO, LIMPYO TA’” (MY surroundings, YOUR surroundings, let’s clean).

Spaces in schools, health centers, convention centers, hospitals, rural health units or centers and barangay outposts were among the identified strategic places where this posters can be seen.

Dengue hotlines likewise were given such as the City Health office – 325-3518, City Hospital- 321-3162, Mayor Alfred Social Action (MASA) Office- 341-3131 and the Office of Councilor Cristina Romualdez – 325-4052.

The City government headed by Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez still continues its campaign even if the number of dengue cases went down by 50%. In the previous months Tacloban was said to be having the highest number of dengue cases in region 8.

The Search & Destroy campaign of Mayor Alfred attributed the sudden decrease of dengue cases in the city especially in the four hotspots areas identified (San Jose, V&G Subdiv., Sagkahan and the 2 kassel subdivision in Abucay).

City Health Office- Officer-in-Charge Dra. Jeodina Gumagay confirmed in an interview that statistical figures shows that dengue cases really decreases by 50%.

Dengue fever is a national concern since it affects the whole country not just Tacloban alone.

Anti-Dentgue 4S Poster

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