Socio-Economic Profile


A. Education

Tacloban City is the center of education in Region 8 and thus, it has so much to offer in terms of educational need of the constituents and for the whole region in general.  As recorded in the 2000 census, Tacloban City’s literacy rate is 97.3 percent.

As of school year 2008, there are 35 private and government institutions giving Pre-School Learning, 57 elementary schools, 23 high schools and 19 tertiary schools.  In school year 2005-2006 there were a total of 21 private elementary schools but in school year 2007-2008, it has declined to 17 accounting for those who transferred their location to the nearby municipality and those whose licenses are yet to be renewed.  On the other hand, a new private high school has been opened making the total private high school to 13.

B. Health

Tacloban City has sufficient health care facilities both private and public.  In the government sector, there is the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center, a fully equipped hospital providing better medical attention not only for the city but the whole region eight.  Augmenting this is the Tacloban City Hospital to cater to those residents who cannot afford to go to private hospitals.  Three more private hospitals are ready to fulfill the health and medical needs of the Taclobanons and these are the Divine Word Hospital, Bethany Hospital and Remedios Trinidad Romualdez (RTR) Hospital and a fourth maternity hospital, Caremed Maternity Hospital. Two new private hospitals are being constructed, the Holy Infant Sisters of Mercy Hospital and Tacloban Doctors Medical Center. This will assure the people of Tacloban more health services and medical care.

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  1. dale  - 24 December, 2012 - 5:08 am

    I am an american, cansidering liveing in Tacloban, looking for infomation that will be helpfull. thx

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