Demographic Profile

During the 2007 population census, Tacloban City has an actual total populationcount of 217,199.  With an average annual population growth rate of 2.73  percent, it is projected that  for the year 2008, Tacloban’ City’s population would be 223,130 and based on this projected population, Tacloban City has a population density of  1,106 persons per square kilometer or 11 persons per hectare.  The disaggregated population results of the 2007 census is yet to be released as of this documentation but using ratio and proportion using the 2000 census as baseline data.  Tacloban City has a proportionate total household of 43,415 for 2008. Using the same method, Total Number of Families counts at 47,014 with an Average Household Size of 5.1.

Tacloban City’s populace is predominantly Waray-Waray as it is the spoken dialect in the city accounting   ninety percent (90%) of the population. Cebuano/Kana/Visayan speaking populace accounts 6.08% of the total population, 0.80% are Tagalog, 0.10% are Ilocano, 0.07% are Kapampangan while 2.95% come from other ethnic origins.

Tacloban City is 94.52% Roman Catholic while the Islam faith is 0.12% of the population.  Iglesia ni Kristo has 0.83% faithful followers, 0.94% are Evangelicals, 0.49% Seventh Day Adventist and 3.10% are faithful followers of 22 other religions.

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