1,950 senior citizens avail of Social Pension in Tacloban

1,950  senior citizens avail of Social Pension in Tacloban

1,950 senior citizens avail of Social Pension in Tacloban

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MAYOR CRISTINA G. Romualdez greets Senior Citizens lining up for free medical checkup during a recent Caring Giving and Reaching (CGR) Out Barangayan activity. The welfare of elderly residents of Tacloban is a priority concern of Mayor Romualdez. (Photo by Tim Canes/CMO)


TACLOBAN CITY – One thousand nine hundred fifty (1,950) Senior Citizens of this City are set to receive their Social Pension as the City Government under Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez  through its City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) started  releasing the Government stipend last Friday, March 3.  The government stipend which is availed of by indigent elderly residents will be released until the last week of March.

According to CSWDO Chief Remedios Buna,  the pension pay-out covers the first and second quarters of 2016  amounting to 3,000 pesos each.

The  pay-out is currently being facilitated by the City Treasurer’s Office, while succeeding releases for this year will be coursed through the Veterans Bank, said Buna.

Social pensioners use the monthly stipend of 500 pesos to buy basic necessities such as food and medicines. Likewise, it was learned that the allowance keeps the elderly recipients motivated and active in any activity related to their sector.

Per the criteria set by Republic Act 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 those who are qualified to avail of the pension program are: Filipino citizens, sickly, disabled, no income or any other means of livelihood, no pension from private and government pension bodies, and no regular support from relatives.

Indigent Senior Citizens  has to submit the following requirements to the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) or the CSWDO to avail of the social pension: Filled out Application Form (copies are available at the OSCA and CSWDO), Copy of Baptismal or Live Birth Certificates and Barangay Certification, stating the applicant is a bonafide resident of the Barangay.

Meanwhile, from 1,950 beneficiaries  in 2016 the number of social pensioners in Tacloban  has increased to 4,810 for 2017,  this is after the required age was lowered to 60 years old from 77 years old, disclosed Buna.

The welfare of Senior Citizens is a priority concern of Mayor Romualdez as manifested by the services available for the elderly residents of Tacloban at the CSWDO, among them the provision of financial assistance, medical assistance and  burial assistance.

The assessment of possible recipients is handled by the CSWDO while the pension applications are accepted at the OSCA. -HENRY JAMES G. ROCA/CIO

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